SAGE#68752 | ASI#92133
Aluminum Plated

Aluminum plated is a process of vacuum plating glass with an aluminum alloy which must be spray coated.
The spray coating may be any color to reach the desired effect; clear to leave a metal look to the glass.
Imprint options listed below:

1. ICE:
Finely ground glass sprinkled on a wet ink imprint.
The ice adheres to the wet ink and is then permanently fired on the glass at 1100 degrees F, then plated.
Matte finish enamel is printed on the glass, fired at 1100 degrees and plated.
The imprint will be matte finish and the rest of the glass will be bright chrome.
Ice and Satin Etch can be combined for a two-toned imprint.
Both Satin Etch and Iced Plated Glass are dishwasher safe.
The item is first plated then imprinted with an organic colored imprint.
Epoxy is not recommended for use in dishwashers.